Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Addie was sitting at the counter, drawing a picture with a pencil in each hand. And then I noticed she wasn't so much drawing with two pencils, but having a conversation between two pencils. Who then got in a fight. So one was abandoned and a new one picked up and the picture resumed.

Then she asked for a snack. "I want Fosted Fakes."
"No," I replied.
"How 'bout Fooot Wooops?"
"No, you don't need the sugar. How about carrots?"
"NO. How 'bout M ah M's?"
"No. How about cucumbers?"
"Okay . . .
with a cupcake!"

A couple of my Addie favorites lately include:
Too-icious= Delicious
Perfuwy= Perfectly
And my new name, MomIloveyousoooomuch

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Sandy said...

I LOVE her shirt!!!