Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter Day

 We had a great Easter Sunday this year.  Great, but super, duper busy.  Good thing we got the kids all cracked out on candy first thing in the morning.

 Truthfully, the Easter bunny didn't give them much candy in their baskets.  They had plenty from their hunts the day before.  But we did make resurrection rolls for breakfast, so that sugared them up pretty good.
 Then we slapped them all in matching dresses and cute hats, and rushed out the door to church. 
 I needed to be to church early that morning to practice my flute for a musical number.  But then the bishop pulled me aside and gave me a new calling right before we started practicing.  This made me more than a little nervous.  So, though I tried to do a good job, and did a decent job of keeping it together, know that my performance was not enhanced by my new calling as first counselor in the Young Women's presidency. 

After being set apart in my new calling after church, we headed home to pack up our home on the road for the next week.  We had picked up our RV from CruiseAmerica between Easter Eggs hunts the day before, but were too exhausted to actually pack by the time we got home that night.  So I dashed between raindrops and filled every cupboard with everything I thought we would need for the next 5 nights.

 Kids smiling, and kids sucking on things.
 Oh, they were thrilled.  We were glad to finally get on the road ourselves. 

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