Friday, April 12, 2013

That'll teach me

I just popped a couple white cheddar Cheez-its in my mouth, totally cheating on my diet, but figuring a few wouldn't really hurt.  And then I crunched on the sand.  Yuck.  Sand grit in my teeth.  This box had gone on our little spring break adventure with us and had brought back a few souvenirs itself.  That'll teach me.  And here I thought I'd finally gotten my life back under control.  Right.  'Cause that will happen.

I can't believe we've been back a week.  I have so many things to write about, but just haven't had the time.  I forgot that the backlash from a totally awesome, magical trip is that when you get back and have to return to the grind, your children follow you around constantly, asking what we are going to do next.  It takes several days before they resign themselves to entertaining themselves.  Plus, there have been other changes in my life requiring more time and attention.  I have a new calling at church, swim team has started up again, my plans to resign from the swim team board dashed by discovering how very pregnant my co-hospitality board member is, and allergies.  Gah, allergies

Obviously I was unsuccessful in my efforts to blog every day in March.  But I did blog 14 times, and that is 14 more times than I blogged in December, January and February.  Also, I only managed 20 blog entries in all of 2012, so by the time I finish detailing my trip, I will surpass that.  So, rather than chalk this experiment up as a failure, I'm going to glory in my successes, and remind myself that this is not a season in my life where I can blog every day.  (See balance.)

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