Thursday, April 25, 2013

Road Trip Day Two

 I know I already posted about our visit to Pismo Beach, but I wanted to share a few more pictures.  Here's another of me and my girls at the beach.

 Chloe's a bit blurry in this one, but it captures the misty rain that started to fall as we collected our shells on the beach that morning. 

 Rosie was just thrilled with the beach.  Though we don't live far from the ocean, I honestly can't remember if I've taken her to the ocean before. 

 What a cute little ham.  And I'm talking about either Rosie or her dad.
 Just to emphasize the cuteness, here's a video of Rosie and the water.
 The rain finally got heavy enough that we decided to head back to the  RV and get back on the road.  The nature trail from the beach to the RV park was just gorgeous.
 My soggy family trekking through the foliage.
 A little tree cave on the path.
 Tiny little purple pinecones growing by the trail.
 As we got back to the RV, we were followed by a number of geese.  They weren't particularly aggressive, just persistent.  And we did nothing to discourage them by letting the girls feed them.  By the time the girls had finished, we had three different species gathered outside the door of the motorhome.
 We hit the road on the 101, so very much prettier than the 5 we usually drive to SoCal.  It cleared up quickly, and we enjoyed the scenery very much.  We even saw the Goodyear blimp as we drove. 
 We pulled into San Clemente a little before dinner time.  We were able to visit my brother, Ben, and his wife Megan in their super cute apartment.  They then drove to the campground with us where we had hot dogs and smores and forgot to take any more pictures.  We fell into bed, tired and happy, and thoroughly enjoying our trip.

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