Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter eggs and hunts

Our girls', and Bracken's, Spring Break started on the last Friday in March.  And so, that night, we dyed our Easter eggs.  As always, Bracken was super excited.
 I was there, too!  Rosie was ready for bed. 

 She looks much happier in this picture, but Addie, oh my!

Maggie had gotten some cute little eggs stencils at preschool, which made the whole egg dyeing process take a little longer than 5 minutes.

 The next day we headed to Sacramento for our annual Mannion family hunt with Bracken's family.  We lined the kids up according to age once all the eggs were hidden.  I promise Bracken wasn't really wishing for death, or at least not as much as he looks like he is in this picture.
 Rosie, Maggie, Gigi, Addie, Syrus and Chloe all ready to go.
 Bracken showed Rosie the ropes.  She caught on pretty quickly.
 Where to start?
 I love the kids in action, flying hair shots.

 And I love how smooth Syrus looks in this one.
 Here's a happier Daddy helping his girls.
 Grandma watching the grandkids hunt.

 My beautiful Chloe.
 Running Rosie
 Snacking Maggie
 Eden, Rosie and Bracken

 Lovely Addie
 Cute Gigi
 Maggie so thoroughly covered herself in chocolate that she needed to be hosed down.

Me and my Rosie girl
 Oh, that squishy little face.
 I sure love that little girl.
 She was pretty worn out after all the hunting, so she cuddled up with Grandpa.
Look at this cute Addie, eating her hair Miss Piggy style. This was taken at the Hunt and Hurl later that day where we hunt for candy eggs, then hurl hardboiled eggs at a bunny pinata.  It's super fun, and usually a great way to get rid of all those excess dyed eggs.  This year, though, since I couldn't (or rather, shouldn't) eat any of the candy eggs, I didn't want to give up many of hard boiled eggs.

 Rosie was happy to eat all the candy for me.

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Laura said...

So many fabulous photos, but my very favorite is the one with you holding Rosie Posie, looking at her, and adoring all her cuteness. Picture says a thousand words.
You're lovely.