Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's about time.

You may be wondering just what this special picture is about. It's not just a Valentine's Day decoration. No, this is the craft project of my life. Literally. Those of you who have known me for a while, and I'm talking about 23 years here, may have seen this rug in various stages of completion. Well, when my dad came to town for Addie's blessing, bringing with him various boxes of my belongings, I found it again. I decided that it was time to finish the kit I had been given when I was 8 years old. Yes, I know it's kind of lame, but I needed to finish it. And honestly, it took less than 5 hours to totally complete, backing and all. I really couldn't say why it took me until I was 31 to get it done. Maybe it was so when it was finally completed, I would have a little girl who would appreciate it.

And what can I say about Chloe this week? Tonight after feeding her baby doll with one of Addie's bottles, she filled the bottle with chocolate chips and tried to drink them. Oh yes, she is my daughter. Potty training is going pretty well. We had a bit of a relapse yesterday, when after I asked her to come sit on the potty, she instead went in the corner and peed. It's kind of hard to capture how angry I was, and how equally unsure I was of how to handle to moment. I'm so scared of her having negative associations with potty training. So she got a really long time out and things have been going better again. Chloe also had to go to the doctor this week. She's had this patch of red skin under her lip that's just not been getting better, despite my best efforts. When I called to set up the appointment, the advice nurse seemed to think she had some sort of flesh eating bacteria or leprosy or something. Fortunately, it's just some eczema, and it's already getting much better.

Addie continues to grow like a weed, though she is not quite as gargantuan as the picture on top would imply. I'm amazed when looking at the two girls side by side how different their coloring is. In fact, it looks like about the only thing they've got in common in their expression. We've been feeding Addie cereal and applesauce, and I think she's going to be an eater like her cousin Emerson. She just can't get enough. If I hold her while I eat, I have to compete with her to get the food into my mouth. This morning as I was eating my cereal, she kept getting in the way, so once I had finished the cereal, I have her my spoon. That occupied her for a minute, until she realized that there was still milk in the bowl, and she went back to trying to get the bowl. She has been teething a lot lately, which has definitely been rough since it's upset her sleeping even more.
And then today I got my first crown. It's been a long week.
But there is a ray of sunshine. Bracken just got invited to an annual recognition conference at work, which will be held in Cabo San Lucas this year! And I get to go, too! It's an all inclusive trip, which means I may get to try room service for the first time. I'm so excited, and proud of my husband to boot.

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Sandy said...

Wow, I think I actually remember seeing that rug in your room once upon a time. And now that stuff from the 80s is coming back, it may actually be in style again - great timing:)

That picture of the girls together is hilarious - Addie looks HUGE - they're both awfully cute, though!

And as for the eczema - Josh has the exact same thing (little patch under one side of his mouth). It seems to come back when he a.) has been drooling in his sleep or b.)plays outside and it gets chapped from the snow and cold or c.) eats something acidic like spaghetti sauce or something. I don't think it bothers him at all, though. Good thing it wasn't leprosy, haha:)

And -- YAY for you on the upcoming trip!! I might get to go to exotic Salt Lake City with Jake on a business trip...for some reason no one wants to send teachers out of the country for conferences...something about "tax dollars at work"?:)