Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sleeping Chloe

When I was growing up, I never could understand why my mom always snuck into our rooms and took pictures of us while we were sleeping. And then I had Chloe and from the beginning, I have taken pictures of her asleep. And it's not just because she looks so sweet and peaceful when she's asleep, or because it's so easy to forgive even the worst day when I watch her slumber. It's because Chloe can fall asleep in the middle of any activity, any time. Today, I put her in timeout for refusing to take a nap, and before she even had time to protest the timeout, she was asleep in the hallway. It made me laugh so much, I decided it was finally time to share with the rest of the world my gallery of Chloe sleeping. I'm sure there are pictures I've missed, but this is a pretty good sampling. Boy, do I love that little girl.

1 comment:

Mills Family said...

I love the slide show. My personal favorite was the pj's over the clothes. That's a killer. Can you believe how much she has changed since she was born! It is just amazing how they grow. Too cute.
Talk to you soon!