Monday, January 14, 2008

Firstly, I just thought I'd include a couple pictures of Chloe taking out the gingerbread house. After she gnawed on it for a couple of days, we put in the backyard to see what the wildlife would do to it. And the answer is--nothing. It's been interesting to watch the candy dissolve, though.

Matt told me about the potty song they've been using with Owen, and I've had just the parts he sung to me stuck in my head, so I found the video on YouTube today. So far, Chloe finds the song catchier than the actual act of potty training, but that's to be expected.

Yes, I finally committed to potty training her. We spent the day over our tile floor, camped out with the potty and lots of beverages. We had a lot of accidents, but we have four stars on our potty chart, and that's what really matters. I just never knew how exhausting potty training would be. It's just that constant anxiety over getting her on the potty at the right time. And obviously it made Chloe so tired, she couldn't even sleep in her bed.

I think it wore out Addie too. She actually fell asleep in her jumper today. Things are not going well at night still, but tonight for the first time we implemented the double swaddle, and I'm hoping that will help. We've been concerned about her still needing to be swaddled, but I did read that some babies do need it up until about 9 months, so I'm feeling a little better about it.

She has started eating food now. We started her on rice cereal right after Christmas, and Addie had her first bananas on Saturday. She loves to eat. In fact, if I'm holding her and eating, she leans right in everytime I put a bite in my mouth. Having solids hasn't really made a difference in her sleeping, but it has helped with the spit up! Hooray! It's nice to be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel in one of our problem areas.

I've got a whole list of New Year's Resolutions right now. I've combined several of them, such as reading my scriptures while walking on the treadmill to aid in weight loss, which really gives me more motivation to do it every day.

Bracken is still enjoying his time off from school, but realizes the days are flying fast. It is so nice to know, though, that he only has three classes left, and then he will have his MBA. It's very exciting.

We went with friends this weekend to see Bodies Revealed. It's a display of preserved bodies from China. All the different body systems are shown in different galleries, and it was really incredible to see how things are put together. The most amazing display was of the circulatory system. To see all the veins in the body really illustrated the artistry of our Heavenly Father.

And that's about it for right now. Oh, there was one more amazing event this week. We had stake conference on Sunday, and with the exception of Addie being taken out because she blew out her diaper, we made it through the entire meeting. No tears, no problems. Maybe soon we'll actually be able to listen to the meeting again!


Sarah said...

Cute video! I can't believe that you are now in the potty training age. In all the years I have known Chris, I have only heard him yell once...that was while we were potty training Joe and he had a case of the runs. To say the least, the mess ran from the living room to the bathroom and he was beside himself. It was hilarious!

Sandy said...

Too funny - I decided to potty train Josh today, too. It lasted until noon. He wanted to wear underwear this morning, so I put him in a pair and took him to the potty. He sat on there and immediately asked for his at least I know he remembers the last time I tried it! As usual, he went the first time...but not the second, third of fourth times...then peed all over the living room carpet. (sigh) I hope you have better luck than I:) My new plan is to just install a toilet in the middle of the new basement and go from there!