Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's a cleaning miracle! I try to be a good housekeeper, try being the operative term here, but there is one cleaning task I have never been able to conquer--the dreaded shower door. Despite my best efforts, I always seem to have a nasty build up on them. I could blame it somewhat on the texture of the glass in our past showers, but in our master shower in our house, the doors are untextured glass. Despite daily squeegy-ing, they've not been looking good. Well, today I cut a lemon in half, dipped it in water softener crystals (available in the laundry aisle at the grocery store) and scrubbed away. It worked! I am so excited to have discovered something that works and works easily, I just had to share.


Sandy said...

Good tip! I need this kind of stuff...the new house has a shower with a glass door in the master bath - we've only had shower/bath combos with curtains in the past. I'll have to keep this in mind (if, of course, I can find a lemon in a Wyoming grocery store. It'll probably cost me $5, haha). My old standby for crud that won't come off of bathroom fixtures, etc. is vinegar. Just dump it on and watch it eat away at the gunk:)s

matt and lindsay said...

thanks for sharing! I will definately have to try that.