Friday, January 4, 2008

I've just been thinking these last few days about things I love about my family.

Top Five Things About Chloe that Make Me Smile

1. The way her hair flies back when she goes running down the hallway.

2. How in the last week, she's noticed when her sleeves are gathered at the top, and she turns and looks at them and says with a smile, "Princess."

3. Her ability to fall asleep, after fighting it so hard, right in the middle of an activity.

4. Listening to her sing. Her repertoire has expanded from Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Stinky, Stinky diaper change, and Dora the Explore Theme Song to include Jingle Bells, parts of the Alphabet song, and her new favorite, Frotty Noman.

5. The way she holds her hands in imitation of Micky Mouse when saying the magic words to make his clubhouse appear.

Top Five Things About Addie that Make Me Smile

1. The way she laughs at the silly things her sister does. No one else makes her laugh harder.

2. Her eyes--the way she watches me like no one else could ever matter, and the way they turn up when she smiles her impish grin.

3. Her excitement over cramming things into her mouth.

4. The surprise of seeing her roll over for the first time this week.

5. The smiles she gives me while nursing, because she's just so happy she can't contain herself.

6. And a bonus, because I can't leave off her cute chubby legs. She has one roll that is just so squishy, I just don't know what to do with myself.

And Finally, 5 Reasons my Husband makes me Smile

1. He always forgives me for my irrational rants.

2. He takes the night shift so I can get some sleep (and hopefully decrease the irrational rants.)

3. He does the dishes, and puts them away.

4. He works so hard for us.

5. I'm so glad to be yoked to someone who pulls an equal, if not better, portion of the load.

It's nice to sit here in the blustering rain and know there are no other people I'd rather be with.

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Sandy said...

Still having irrational rants, eh? (haha - yeah, I should talk) Great list! Your kids sound like a lot of fun! And since I've met your husband exactly one time, I'm glad that he's still being good to you:)