Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Down at the Farm

We're often very sad that we miss out on getting to play at my sister Sarah's house in Utah. She's been rapidly restocking the family petting zoo. However, Bracken's cousin in Elk Grove invited us over to see her animals, so we got to have a little taste of farm life, too.

Here's Chloe feeding the ducks.
Jacob, Syrus and Chloe
Jacob giving the handicap scooter tour of the yard, with Addie on his heels. This kid can even steer with his feet!

Chloe took a turn behind the wheel, too. Thankfully she didn't try to steer with her feet since she obviously can't even keep her eyes on the road.
Addie chasing chickens and turkeys.
A big fat pig. Chloe was disappointed that the pigs weren't pink.

Chloe and Addie with the heifer.
I know we've got the space for animals at our house, but though I contemplate chickens, or a fainting goat, or a dog, deep down, I know I just don't have the energy or motivation to keep up with it right now. For the time being, we'll just stick with our 3 fish, uncomfortably amorous sea monkeys, and rotation of nesting doves on the porch.

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Wilkins Family said...

I often remember all your animals growing up. My friend has a ranch and I go there often and just wish that I could have land with lots of animals! Someday??