Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Eggs

I know they're kind of hard to see, but this is our mama bird and her two almost fully fledged babies the day before Easter. They tried to leave the nest during our Easter party, and were gone the next morning. In the two days since, two pairs of doves and a finch have been contemplating the hanging baskets. It looks like my poor geraniums are going to be a little parched all summer.

After a long day of yard work, we sat down to dye Easter eggs on Saturday night. Bracken attempted to keep Addie's fingers out of the dye.
He quickly gave up and passed her over to me.
Chloe was so excited.
Chloe tried to help Addie out.
Addie kept transferring one egg between the orange and purple dye. It turned a lovely shade of brown.
She also started slurping the blue dye. It looked like hypothermia was setting in by the time we were done. But we had fun.


Lindsey said...

Fun! I am so jealous that you were able to dye eggs outside! Your girls are too cute. I hope you are feeling okay with the pregnancy and everything!

Sandy said...

Oh fun! We never dyed our eggs...I boiled 2 dozen of them, then we just didn't ever get around to them...I'm like the worst Easter Mom ever!

Lindsay said...

I am SO with you---no motivation or energy to deal with animals! Not that we can really have too many right now. But even as we are house shopping right now and know we will be in a yard soon--I'm really hoping we can be "animal-less" for as long as possible. Babies and toddlers keep me busy enough.
Those pics of you guys coloring eggs are really cute. I kept planning on doing it with the boys, but we never had time. Which is okay with me, because I can imagine what it would have been like with Emerson...disastrous.

Wilkins Family said...

You look so great! You look like you have lost weight. When can we get together?