Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Until I uploaded this last batch of pictures, I didn't realize how many shots I had of the girls playing together. It seriously warms my heart.

This is them coloring together during General Conference a couple weeks ago. Addie was the only one of us who actually got dressed that day, and she had to be changed in the middle. Actually, the reason we didn't get dressed was kind of her fault. Between sessions, she fell off the ladder of the bunk bed and gave herself a majorly bloody fat lip, so we got kind of busy taking care of that. Bracken and I got into bed that night realizing that no one had gotten dressed or brushed their teeth, or performed any kind of personal hygiene that day. It did make getting ready for bed easier.

Drawing on the chalkboard together. Yesterday Addie decided that it was not a large enough canvas for her creations, and moved onto the wall. And today, she went right back to the same section of the wall for more. Stinker. At least it's chalk. And her timeouts are kind of funny right now, since she keeps attempting to leave the corner, but will return right to it as soon as you tell her to, with some fake tears.
Playing the piano together, while really looking like they can read the music.

Apparently Addie's unsure her performance is ready for an audience.
These next two pictures may not fall into the sister category, but they needed a home somewhere. We went to dinner as a family and Chloe conked out in the car. She slept through the transfer into the stroller, a quick trip to the mall, another transfer to the bench of the booth we were in, and only awoke under duress. No way that would ever happen with Addie.

She thoroughly enjoyed our dinner out.
She seemed intent on reading the menu herself, and I just thought she was so cute.

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The Bunker Family said...

Love those pajama weekends, I mean, conference weekends.