Friday, April 10, 2009

Say what?

Chloe has decided this week that she is no longer crazy, and is now "cute." Same applies to Addie, and Chloe corrects me if I comment to the contrary. As she was getting dressed this morning, and dancing around the room al fresco, I asked, "Chloe, do you have a cute bum?"

"No mom. My bum is not cute. It's crazy. I have a crazy bum and a cute face!"

She's also been really obsessed with the fairy godmother being responsible for any items that disappear in the house. For instance this morning we had this conversation, "Mom, I can't find my toy."

"Well, what do you think happened to it?"

"My fairy godmother took it. She's a secret spy at night. And the sandman climbed up my ladder to my top bed and put sand in my eyes."

I guess they work together?

Chloe is also very into being watched right now. "Mom, you watch me get dressed?" "Mom, you watch me play my game?" "Mom, you watch me watch my woovie (movie)?" And my personal favorite, "Mom, you watch me go potty?" No thank you. Addie provides me with plenty of entertainment on that front. Last night, though, Chloe was getting ready for bed, and I was messing around, pretending to sneak looks at her. She stopped me and said, "Mom, you just look at me. I like to be looked at." Really.

Addie also has a lot to say. I finally figured out that "Neenah" means "need" which explains a lot of why I hear "Neenah, neenah!" repeatedly throughout the day. She's even combined it to say "Neenah foodah! Neenah FOODAH!" Which she repeats, loudly and excitedly. Pretty much any word she uses gets repeated multiple times. Such as:

Mine, Mine!

Wadoo, wadoo! (Any time she sees water in real life, in a book, on TV, anywhere.)

Read, read! (Which sounds a lot like Slimey on Sesame Street begging for another book from Oscar.)

Bubble, bubble!

Tee, tee! (When we ask her if she wants to brush her teeth, she runs for the bathroom, raring to suck the toothpaste right off the brush without touching her teeth at all.)

And I still haven't figured out "UhmaUhmaUhmaUhma" but it usually implies she wants something, and she's unhappy with me about it.

My personal favorite, though, is when you show her a picture of a horse. "Ride, ride!" She just scowls at you if you insist that it is a horse. She also loves rides in the car, and on anything else.

This morning as I was trying to work on the computer, she climbed on my lap facing me, grinning with snot running down her lip, insisting, "Hold, Hold." I enjoyed holding her for a moment, but she didn't stay for long. There was too much else to do.

Addie hasn't been feeling very well, and after hours of screaming, at about midnight the other night, I started "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" DVD for her. It used to work wonders on my little brother Ben when he was sick. It calmed her down pretty well until the part where Pooh is stuck in Rabbit's hole and everyone is attempting to pull him out. When the gopher grabbed Eeyore's tail and started pulling, she started screaming. Needless to say, the moment when the tail actually came off was devastating. The next day, she still wasn't feeling well, so we watched it again. Same reaction. So of course, when Bracken came home from work, I had to show it to him. Her reaction that time was a little more subdued, but she was still distressed. I know I'm cruel, but it was hilarious.


Missy said...

LOL! I can't believe she is so distressed over Eeyore's tail! What a sweetheart!!!
And the conversations you have had w/ Chloe (especially the crazy bum) are so endearing! I could squish your girls.

Katie said...

Love it! You are such a great writer. I'll call soon. Promise.