Monday, August 10, 2009

Last Family of Four Outing, or what we did on my due date.

I should have posted these before I actually had Maggie, but there was so much else to do. On my actual due date, we decided to do one last fun thing before she arrived. The weather was remarkably nice, so we decided to take a trip to the zoo.

Here's Chloe being a flamingo (models are in the background).
Addie and Daddy in the reptile house.

Lots of me, and Chloe, with a big bird.Addie Butterfly
Chloe Spider
Cute girls on a frog and dragonfly.
We got a complimentary ride on the carousel. Addie jumped on and started yelling and running toward "Nemo! Nemo!"
Chloe chose a turtle.

Bracken chose to wait to the side. Unlike Chloe, carousels are not his favorite.

And a belated Happy Birthday celebration for Chloe at Grandpa and Grandma Mannion's marked our very, very last outing as a family of four. I was off to the hospital the next morning.

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