Monday, August 17, 2009

No, Anymore!

This is not a post about Addie dyeing herself blue, but it's a post about Addie being Addie, so I'm incuding the pic.

Addie is currently sitting about 2 feet from the TV, entranced by Finding Nemo, and I'm going to leave her there. For one thing, she's not climbing up on, pulling over, or getting into anything right now. She's also not screaming, "No, Anymore!" when being corrected for any of the above, or when asked to do anything she doesn't want to do. I'm hearing "No ANYMORE!" which translates to "Don't tell me no anymore," pretty much constantly right now. It's usually accompanied by the waving hand, and a furrowed brow scowl.

She used the same scowl as she shouted, "Hum here. Hum here!" to the little girl at the playground the other day. Little bossame doesn't know that's not the best way to make friends. And if you're confused about what she's saying, just remember all hard "c" sounds are "h" at the beginning of words. It took me a minute to process, "I hut your nails," until she started chasing me with nail clippers. Here she's eating stolen ice-heam hones

Addie loves to sing right now. And announce, "I tinging. I tinging!" Her favorite original song is, "And a Mommy and a Daddy and a Mommy and a Daddy!"which gets progressively louder at each repitition. And her voice carries. Another word which must be shouted at full volume is, Naken!" She kept repeating it the other night in her bed and I was just sure I was going to find a fully nude child when I checked on her.

Another favorite phrase is, "I wuvvy oo." Unfortunately, she's too busy yelling, "NO anymore," to tell me she loves me. Following the tradition of her sister Chloe, she mainly repeats this phrase while making her dolls kiss.

But I know deep down she does love me. She calls out for me all the time, "Mom? MOM?" It never gets annoying. Never. At the doctor's the other day, she was reading a book across the very full waiting room from me. She looked up, couldn't immediately spot me, noted all the other families there, and called out, "MY mom. MY mom!"

But now I better go clean up all the crayons and markers she just dumped all over the stove before I forget they're there and try to cook something. Obviously, Nemo's hold over her has ended. Maybe it's time for a nap. Maybe, like the other day, she'll scream, "No!" while still running for her bed.

A mom can dream.


Sandy said...

That last picture (plus all the stuff she's been up to...) remind me SO much of Ben when he was little and you guys first moved to SLO. Of course, in a cute girly way:) But she's definitely got that impish grin down to a science, doesn't she?

Katie said...

Wow! You really have your hands full don't you. I'm so impressed you are having time to blog. Miss you!

Ruth Mannion said...

She looks very much like Ben did. And I've found no better word than impish for her.

And Katie, I've been awake since 1:30 this morning. What else is a girl to do?

kimberly said...

Oh man! You kill me! You have a wonderful talent for writing, I was laughing outloud!