Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweet Baby

I've been horrible about posting pictures of our baby girl. The thing is, she's really not in on most of the action right now, nor is she saying anything quote worthy. She is where ever we are most the time, just tucked in a sling, or a carseat, or a stroller. We are taking her picture, though, and I felt it was better to just devote a whole post to her cuteness.

Here's Miss Maggie's three day old self, the day we came home from the hospital.

A couple days later, the Mills came by to meet her. Parker was so excited to hold her.

Sweet Chloe and her baby sister.
Sleeping angel.
Maggie and Daddy, two weeks old.
She really has her own look. Part of me thinks we should have 5 more kids, just to see what kind of variety we continue to come up with. Someone tried to say to me, "Well, when the parents don't look very similar . . . " The thing is, Bracken's parents have about the same coloring as my parents, so we're really working out of a small pool here.
He is a great dad.
And Addie is an excited sister. I know she's super blurry in this pic, but she just looks to happy and full of energy through the fuzziness.
Bracken dancing with his girl
This is a 3 week old Maggie. She's looking significantly less fuzzy. She really was just a little peach when we brought her home. Kind of yellowy blushy and furry all over.
Here's the family the first Sunday we all made it to church. Several disclaimers. First and foremost--I really thought I looked better than this, or I would have changed the angle, sucked in harder, something. So if any of you have seen me at any time recently and thought my outfit unflattering or inappropriate, know that I was clueless. And I will take the advice of the movie Clueless and rely much more heavily on photographic evidence to determine the merit of various fashion choices.

Secondly, perhaps I would have been happier if we'd taken another picture. The first one looked like this. Yup, that's Addie flashing you.
And the second one looks like this. I don't think a third would have helped. It was better to just cut our losses and start nap time.
Sleeping Beauty.
Chloe was excited to celebrate Maggie's one month birthday.
So was Addie. She celebrated by not placing her hands in the middle of Maggie's belly before leaning in. If this child doesn't die of internal bleeding (she's already been trampled) or get her eye poked out by her first birthday, I will really feel like a good mother.
I know she's a little drooly faced here, but she's dang cute nonetheless. The baby acne fairy had come to visit by this point, but doesn't seem to have it out for this kid as much as she did the other ones.
Me and a snuggly baby.
Dad with the same little snuggler. Could she be cuter? Granted, she is a bit more bald, but all of my kids have shed their hair about this age and regrown it in the exact same color.
I do love this baby girl. I haven't yet captured the elusive smile yet, mainly because I'm too enraptured to interrupt her by getting up and retrieving the camera. Yesterday, though, we had a major smile session, and even the beginnings of laughter! She's started making other little sounds now, too. Sleep continues to be a bit of an issue, and we have a couple fussy periods everyday, but I'm hopeful. She's just getting sweeter all the time, so surely she'll start to be obliging soon.


Missy said...

EW, I LOVE THIS BABY!!! She is SOOOO cute - I cannot wait to meet and squish her. I can't.
I also LOVE the green top you are wearing - so so cute. You look great, honey. For having just had #3 you look amazing!

Sandy said...

She is super cute!!

Ashley said...

Oh that Maggie is awfully cute! She has grown so much in the past two weeks. We can't wait to hold her again!

Lindsey said...

She is adorable! Hope things are going well.