Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seriously, No, Anymore!

I no sooner finished the last post about Addie when I experienced more than enough for a whole other post. This entry is influenced by The House That Jack Built, which we have been reading ad nauseum.

This is the toilet where Mom asked Addie if she needed to go to the bathroom, then forgot she'd asked and turned around to find Addie squatting on top of the closed lid in a puddle of pee.

This is the fishtank Addie dumped a half full can of fish food into. This is where three newly obese fish live. This is also the fishtank Mom had to completely empty and clean, that has an overtaxed filter that longer seems to be working. Both older daughters have done this exact same thing, and both of their lives were saved by the fact that company was over when they did it. This is the tank where Addie went fishing earlier this week, but unlike Chloe 2 years ago, she did not catch anything.

This is the eraser Addie shoved into Maggie's mouth while Mom was making dinner.

This is the corner where Addie has spent approximately 3,206,597 minutes of her life in 2 minute increments. After Mom fished the eraser out, Addie spent significantly longer than 2 minutes there.
After returning to cooking dinner, this is what Mom saw when she heard Addie repeating, "Time out. Time out!" Apparently, it's been a difficult day for everyone in the household. Then again, Chloe did name this doll Addie. To the right is the towel that lives on the floor under the water dispenser on the fridge that Addie likes to randomly press as she tromps by.

These are the books Mom and Addie read after Addie emerged from her room 45 minutes after she'd been put to bed, obviously too upset to sleep, worried that Mom didn't love her anymore. That will never, ever happen, no matter what she does because Mom desperately loves that little girl.

This is the sleeping terror, tucked in with her best bedtime buddy, Bunny, dreaming of plans for tomorrow.

And now that all the kids are sleeping, the dishes are done, the fishtank is cleaned and Dad is at a meeting,

This is how Mom will be spending her evening.


Trent and Amber said...

I love it! Good thing you had something for Mom to unwind with at the end of the day. About the cutouts, other friends of my mom's in Chico's have used them for parties and she uses them for things at school (kindergarten teacher) and when we have several more, she plans to make a mini golf course in the backyard for a family reunion. They all have openings between their legs for this purpose! So yeah, basically just taking up space in her garage, but a fun tradition nonetheless! :)

Sandy said...

That was awesome! Not for you...but your post was great:) Addie cracks me up - someday maybe I'll meet her for real! And I want some of those cookies!!!

The Bunker Family said...

We checked those books out from the library too! Creepy! Oh, and thanks for introducing me to the new brand of Oreo cookies...

Missy said...

I love this post, Ruth. I don't love the fact that you've had to endure through all her terror, but she is a sweet girl. Have you tried the Strawberry Milkshake Oreos yet?

Katie said...

I agree with everyone else...great post. Sad you had to live through it though. It made me chuckle. Love you Ruthie- hang in there.