Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The fun begins

Over Labor Day weekend, my dad, brother Peter and his wife and son, sister Katie, brother Ben and our friends the Jurgens' all came to town for the blessing of our little girl Maggie. Missy, Joey, Sam and William Jurgens were the first to arrive. Maggie was so excited, she blew bubbles.

Here's me and Missy and Maggie. Margaret Melissa Mannion owes her middle name to this lovely lady. I just figured out that I've now known Missy for half my lifetime. I sure love her, and am so grateful for her friendship.

But on a different note, what is this face I'm pulling?

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Missy said...

Ok, other than the fact that I look like an immense doofuss in that last pic... I'll tell you what face it is that you are pulling there my friend. That is your "sexy chef" face. Don't believe me? Go find your picture of you in that hat.