Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Over the course of the weekend, there were many tired people. Saturday afternoon, we put on a movie. Ben was the first to drop.
Bracken was the next to fall.

Chloe tried to hang on, but in the end, she gave into the desire to nap as well.
Aunt Kiki got the prize for most claustrophobic looking nap.
But Addie really took the overall prize. We had a late lunch, and Addie was really ready for a nap by the time we ate. However, she was even more interested in finishing her caffeine free Dr. Pepper (My family and Missy brought me out 6 (6!) cases. Hooray!). Her eyes were closing, she was swaying in the chair, but she just wouldn't stop sucking until she'd gotten every last drop out.

Finally, she emptied the cup and collapsed on the table.

Even the raucous laughter of the crowd that had gathered couldn't wake her.

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