Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What does Addie like to drink?

What does Addie like to drink?
It may be hard to deduce from looking at these pictures.

Any guesses?

Here's a hint--despite what this picture may seem to evidence, her favorite drinks are non-alcoholic.

In addition to the normal staples of milk, water and juice, in the last week Addie has imbibed:
  • caffeine free Dr. Pepper. We'll be in trouble once she discovers the hard stuff
  • lip gloss, though not for the first time. She also attempted to change the color of her eyes with said lip gloss.
  • most of a bottle of gripe water (homeopathic colic treatment). Was she feeling gassy?
  • the remainders of a bottle of teething tablets, mostly powder by that point. She is cutting her 2 year molars, so . . . .
  • a tube of baby toothpaste
  • 3 times (3 times!) she has snuck into the diaper bag and emptied the contents of the formula container into her mouth. I could understand trying it once, but going back? You'd think the smell would have slowed her down. Maggie won't even touch the stuff. I guess it's good someone's drinking it.
  • and finally, guess what was in the bottle she's just polished off?

One final hint--it wasn't formula.


Sandy said...

That was a funny post - Addie sounds hilarious! Tiring...but hilarious:)

Missy said...

There is nothing better than mother's milk - right?
I have a girlfriend who's son really really really wanted chocolate milk but there was NO dairy in the house. Guess what she used?

kimberly said...


Trent and Amber said...

I'm guessing "leche de madre!" You're going to have to make a lot of milk to feed two kids! hahaha! :)