Sunday, September 27, 2009

What does Addie like to drink? Part 2

For those who are still wondering what was in that bottle Addie stole, I'll tell you this. It doesn't matter. She just wants to drink whatever Maggie has. Or whatever is intended for Maggie.

Every year I forget to attend the General Relief Society broadcast. Despite my good intentions, I always miss it. Yesterday, I remembered that it was that evening, and told Bracken, which meant he gave me guilt about attending all day, so I had no choice but to go. I started pumping a bottle of milk to leave for Maggie, but she woke up before I could finish. I set what I had pumped on the table, then assumed my position on the couch and nursed her.

While nursing, I heard Addie fumbling around in the kitchen, pulling stuff out of the cupboard where we keep all the sippy cups. When I finished nursing and went in the kitchen to check on her, I found all my hard earned pumped milk all over the floor, save a few drops that actually made it into the cup in Addie's hand. Apparently she had a harder time pouring from the pump bottle into her cup than she'd anticipated. But it was pretty obvious what she was after.

I left for the broadcast, leaving no option for Maggie but formula, which she hates. It's like pulling teeth to get her to take a bottle at all, but she really draws the line at powdered milk substitute. Because I was gone for a couple hours, and pumping was thwarted, Bracken had to try. He mixed up a bottle and tried to feed it to her, but then she needed a diaper change. He returned to find Addie drinking the formula. He took the bottle and tried to get Maggie to drink a little more. Then he gave Maggie a bath and came back to Addie sucking the last bit of formula out of the bottle.

I guess I should be grateful that despite her interest in drinking all things Maggie has to drink, she hasn't made any attempts to actually get it from the source.

P.S. The broadcast was totally worth it, even if Maggie would tell you otherwise.

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