Sunday, March 3, 2013


Second day of my renewed commitment to blogging and I totally missed it.  I am amazing.  I my defense, I had reached the end of a very productive day, accomplished with only part of my health, and I was so exhausted I just completely forgot. 

We started our Saturday with many chores, laundry folded and granola bars made.  We headed out the door by 10, stopped at the library to pick up a book I am very excited about, then drove to Fairfield to meet our friends, the Edwards, for a lovely day at Rockville Regional Park.  There were gorgeous views, wildflowers, trees to climb and play hide and seek with, a nature pee, a bathroom pee, and surprisingly little complaining from Addie.

Addie was just so excited to be spending the day with the love of her life, Preston.  She has known him since she was an infant, and talks about him constantly.  In fact, she brought up having a play date with him earlier in the week, and then his mom messaged me about getting together this weekend.  Serendipity!  Also serendipitious?  The fact that three of my daughters have professed their intention to marry boys with redheaded parents.  Gingers unite!

After our healthy hike, we made a decidedly unhealthy visit to the Jelly Belly Factory.  We took the tour, we sampled such special flavors as moldy cheese and pencil shavings, and purchased muchas Belly Flops.  Oh, Belly Flops, how we love thee.  We gorged on beans and visited with our friends, then said goodbye before our children broke the mechanical car they were abusing.  We made a couple more stops for errands on our way home, then got Bracken the burger he'd been craving all day.  Baths and an early bedtime for all, and our productive day was complete.  Except for pictures, because I didn't manage to take any. 

It was largely made possible by me feeling somewhat healthy for the first time in almost a week.  This has been a ridiculous winter for me and my immune system.  I have had a cold every month, and the last two have been particularly nasty.  The January cold firmly planted itself in my chest, causing me to cough and hack through every exercise class I attended.  I finally managed to make it through a class without alarming those around me, and three days later, started to get the sniffles again.  This particular cold took about 4 days to really settle in, and since has been blessing me with a completely crusted over face every morning.  I am so over this whole being sick thing!  The most frustrating part is that since the new year, I have been eating healthier and exercising more, even while sick.  Grrr.

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