Friday, March 15, 2013

Just look at the camera, Addie

Last Sunday my facebook feed was filled with pictures of cute families at the Oakland Temple that my friends had posted.  We had had a special stake conference with Elder Cook, and the meeting was held at the Interstake Center next to the temple.  Afterward we walked on the grounds. There were DSLR cameras galore, snapping pictures of darling children doing darling things in a beautiful setting.

I do not have a good camera, but a friend offered to snap a couple of our "cute family."  Let me narrate the experience for you.

Okay, everyone.  Look at the camera so we can take a quick picture!

 What's going on Maggie?  Are you smiling or screaming?  Addie, why so serious?  Let's try again.
That's okay, Addie, everyone has to sneeze sometimes.  I can see why it distracted you, Maggie.  Rosie, I know you're sad because you someone sneezed somewhere near you, which means you will inevitably be sick in a few days, but could you please just smile?


Fine.  I give up.  Let's see if we can do better in front of the temple itself. 

No really, I'm not mad, just look at the camera and smile.  Chloe's doing it.  Look, I will try and smile as big as I can and lift my head like I'm enjoying this a lot!

Hey!  You all looked at the camera at the same time!  Awesome.  Could we try it one more time with smiles?

No, I didn't think so.

(We had a similar experience with Addie during our family pictures this summer.  When she looked at the images later she asked, "Why does my face look like that?"  I don't know, Addie.  I just don't know."


gramma/mom said...

The fun part comes years down the road when they ask innocently..."was I really THAT kid...?" and you say--yup! ') At least you have the real story preserved!! :)

Trent and Amber said...

This is one of the best family photo montages ever! Love it! Love when we can capture life the way it really is!