Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Maggie the Boring

Out of Maggie's mouth today came the words, "But Mom, I don't have an imagination!"

Right.  Here are a few other tidbits of delightfulness, straight out of that unimaginative mouth

  • Mom, can we get a poodle for a pet one day and dye it all different colors?
  • "My favorite color is black.  I like maybe black," she says.  I ask, "Is that like navy blue?"  "No, maybe black.  Like maybe blue.
  • I picked up her plasma car off the back porch and a whole bunch of water poured out.  I asked, "Where did all this water come from?"  She replied, "I don't know Mom, maybe squirrel pee?"
  • Mom, can I put sugar on my Lucky Charms?
  • Mom, can you bend down so I can whispoh in yo eaw? I love the woyold Heavenwy Faddow made foh me.
  • I was cleaning yesterday and she pulled me down to whisper in my ear again (whispering is her favorite), "Mom, when you vacuum, I can't hear my show."
  •  Maggie's morning prayer was dedicated to math one day, "Please bless that one and one make two, and three and three will always make two threes and bless all the numbers."
  •  Another Maggie prayer: Please bless that I can have chocolate milk, because I really don't want this strawberry soda."
  •  More Maggie math, "Mom, what does tree plus tree make?" "Um, a forest?" I cautiously reply. "Yes! And one house plus one house is a village!"
  • And finally, not a quote, but imaginative nonetheless.  The kids were pretending to be doggies, so Maggie peed on the floor.