Friday, March 15, 2013

Brain Food

I mentioned my new diet a few posts back (I know, I actually only wrote it a few minutes ago.  Four posts today.  Four!  It's almost like I didn't fail in my resolution to blog every day by not doing it for an entire week.)  On this diet I am currently eating a lot of lean protein, tons of veggies, 2 servings of fruit and 2 servings of probiotics, as well as a couple tablespoons of healthy fat every day.  Thanks to this diet, I have consumed 500% more fish in the last week than I had in the last couple of months.  And fish is brain food, right?  This is a healthy diet designed to make me healthier, wealthier (please?) and wiser.  Right?


While I generally am feeling good, and I think I actually do have more energy without all the garbage coursing through my body, I feel like my brain has taken itself on a little vacation.  Maybe it decided to leave to spare me the agony of really thinking about a month of my life with no sugar, no chocolate and no white flour, but I am really starting to miss my mind!

Here are a few of the stupid things I have done in the last few days.  I hope I can remember them all.  Most of them, of course, are related to food.
  • Every morning I microwave a cup of water, which I then squeeze a lemon in and drink before I eat anything else.  The other day I went to remove my cup from the microwave and discovered the handle was burning hot!  That was because I hadn't put any water in the cup before I put it in the microwave.  
  • That same morning I baked muffins for my family.  As I said on facebook, "Today is my 8th day without sugar of any kind. I got up early this morning and made chocolate banana muffins for my family, and didn't taste any part of them. I'm pretty sure that kind of strength and self sacrifice means I'm a super hero now."  A really stupid superhero who accidentally turns the oven off halfway through baking the muffins, and then wonders why they are taking so long to cook.
  • Later in the day, I opened the oven to see what I was cooking.  Oh yeah, nothing.  Empty oven.  Wishful thinking.
  • Yesterday I kept listening to my stomach growl as I waited for my super delicious Basil Pesto Tilapia (freezer section at Costco, you won't regret it) to finish cooking.  And then I looked in the kitchen and saw that I had forgotten to put it in the oven.  
  • I was making eggs for breakfast and was, again, super hungry.  I decided to make two eggs, plus two egg whites.  I started separating the eggs, cracking them first, then letting the whites down the drain.  Doh!
  • And then today, finally, a non-food related brain fart.  As I walked back from the mailbox, I noticed water pouring from our neighbor's yard into the street.  I walked closer and noticed it was actually coming from our yard.  I bent down, moved some mulch and saw water pouring from a little hole by the sidewalk.  Everything else seemed to be dry.  I immediately called the landlord, as I walked into the backyard with my kids.  As I explained the crisis to her, and heard the panic in her voice, I noticed that my backyard was flooded!  I panicked even more for a minute before I connected that Maggie had been the last one in the back yard last night, and had been playing with a Barbie pool.  Yep, unbeknownst to me, she'd turned on the hose and left it running.  I quickly turned it off, and tried to put our landlord's mind at ease.  Thankfully, everything is fine now, but man, I wish I'd looked around a bit more before picking up the phone. I'm just glad she laughed when I explained the situation. 
  • Also, full disclosure, I may have taken a really long, hard sniff of a Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie before I handed it off to Rosie at lunch today.  But really, I'm doing fine!


Emily@emilysleftovers said...

Oh my gosh I'm laughing so much but doing it on the inside because I'm holding an almost asleep newborn. So funny!! Also, readers everywhere want to know what meals you have been eating and also what foods are getting you through when you are dying for sugar or bread?

Sandy said...

Haha! Okay, so apparently brain fog is a sign of, good for you! I was definitely more spacey than usual last week on the juice fast. But, eating poorly and having kids also induced brain are basically screwed. I keep banking on that "remembrance of all things" business with the resurrection...