Sunday, September 27, 2009

What does Addie like to drink? Part 2

For those who are still wondering what was in that bottle Addie stole, I'll tell you this. It doesn't matter. She just wants to drink whatever Maggie has. Or whatever is intended for Maggie.

Every year I forget to attend the General Relief Society broadcast. Despite my good intentions, I always miss it. Yesterday, I remembered that it was that evening, and told Bracken, which meant he gave me guilt about attending all day, so I had no choice but to go. I started pumping a bottle of milk to leave for Maggie, but she woke up before I could finish. I set what I had pumped on the table, then assumed my position on the couch and nursed her.

While nursing, I heard Addie fumbling around in the kitchen, pulling stuff out of the cupboard where we keep all the sippy cups. When I finished nursing and went in the kitchen to check on her, I found all my hard earned pumped milk all over the floor, save a few drops that actually made it into the cup in Addie's hand. Apparently she had a harder time pouring from the pump bottle into her cup than she'd anticipated. But it was pretty obvious what she was after.

I left for the broadcast, leaving no option for Maggie but formula, which she hates. It's like pulling teeth to get her to take a bottle at all, but she really draws the line at powdered milk substitute. Because I was gone for a couple hours, and pumping was thwarted, Bracken had to try. He mixed up a bottle and tried to feed it to her, but then she needed a diaper change. He returned to find Addie drinking the formula. He took the bottle and tried to get Maggie to drink a little more. Then he gave Maggie a bath and came back to Addie sucking the last bit of formula out of the bottle.

I guess I should be grateful that despite her interest in drinking all things Maggie has to drink, she hasn't made any attempts to actually get it from the source.

P.S. The broadcast was totally worth it, even if Maggie would tell you otherwise.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Come on!

Dear Bathroom Scale,

You lie.

How could I have gained 5 pounds overnight?

I was pretty good yesterday. I stayed within my Weight Watchers point allotment.


I just really needed something soft and comforting to help me recover from the pain and expense of a brand new crown (not on my head, in my mouth). I had no idea that delicious strawberry shake would cost me 18 (18!) points. But after that I tried really hard to be good. Even though I poured White Cheddar Popcorn Seasoning directly on my tongue while watching TV just to get the taste of cheese. It was only 2 calories per 1/4 teaspoon.

Mr. Scale, if you can't come up with a better number, you're going to have to go.

Fine, I'll scoot you to the left a little and see if that changes things. How 'bout to the right? What if I pick you up and then put you back down again and see if things are different? How about I weigh myself 4 different times? I promise I'll count the second lowest number you give me, just to be fair.

Come on!

There we go! I knew I didn't gain overnight. Oh look, I lost a couple ounces. If I lean back.

Thank you for your cooperation,


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The fun begins

Over Labor Day weekend, my dad, brother Peter and his wife and son, sister Katie, brother Ben and our friends the Jurgens' all came to town for the blessing of our little girl Maggie. Missy, Joey, Sam and William Jurgens were the first to arrive. Maggie was so excited, she blew bubbles.

Here's me and Missy and Maggie. Margaret Melissa Mannion owes her middle name to this lovely lady. I just figured out that I've now known Missy for half my lifetime. I sure love her, and am so grateful for her friendship.

But on a different note, what is this face I'm pulling?

Best Labor Day Weekend Ever

Who wouldn't want to come celebrate the arrival of a face like that?
Here's my brother Ben, who I hadn't seen in 2 1/2 years (he'd been on a mission for our church) with Addie and Chloe.

Jonno, Becca and the Croc.
Peter and Sam
Pool party!

Me and my bathing beauty before her first dunk in the pool.
What a cute little face.
The Jurgens family
The Peter Geilman family
Grandpa and Maggie. I have almost an identical shot of him with Chloe. I still don't think I've ever met anyone with hands as big as my dad's. Babies love to be in them.
Ben and Maggie. What a cute brother I have.

Addie and Ben. She loved all the extra attention.
Katie and Addie
Family barbeque.

Grandpa and Addie have a moment.
And I couldn't begin to say what Addie is doing here.
Second dinner service


Over the course of the weekend, there were many tired people. Saturday afternoon, we put on a movie. Ben was the first to drop.
Bracken was the next to fall.

Chloe tried to hang on, but in the end, she gave into the desire to nap as well.
Aunt Kiki got the prize for most claustrophobic looking nap.
But Addie really took the overall prize. We had a late lunch, and Addie was really ready for a nap by the time we ate. However, she was even more interested in finishing her caffeine free Dr. Pepper (My family and Missy brought me out 6 (6!) cases. Hooray!). Her eyes were closing, she was swaying in the chair, but she just wouldn't stop sucking until she'd gotten every last drop out.

Finally, she emptied the cup and collapsed on the table.

Even the raucous laughter of the crowd that had gathered couldn't wake her.

Maggie's Blessing

On Sunday, 6 September, Bracken blessed our little girl. He gave her a wonderful father's blessing, and we were so glad to have so many friends and family members there to celebrate with us. Her full name is Margaret Melissa Mannion. Margaret plays tribute to my step-mom, Vicky, who's first given name is Margaret. Melissa does double duty. Not only does it acknowledge the wonderful person that is Missy, it also pays tribute to another Melissa who introduced Bracken and me. We're so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives.
Me and my dear Missy. We had to make every hug count, cause we don't get to see each other nearly enough.
Addie had some great up close and personal time with her cousin Gillian.
What a cute little chunk-a-monk.

And a couple more cute girls.
My dad, as always, was like the pied piper with the kids. Every time we'd look over, more and more would be gathered around him.
The girls sure enjoyed spending time with Grandpa Geilman. They love him a lot, and so do I.

Sacramento Temple

Sunday after church, many of our guests left. Peter, Becca, Jonno and Katie all stayed. We drove over to the Sacramento temple to show them around. Chloe always loves to go see the princesses (brides). This time she was the princess.

Here's my brother and his cute family.
My girls enjoyed sitting by Aunt Kiki, trying to mimic her pose. Addie got the legs crossed in this one.
Chloe got it right there.
Then we went and checked out the fountain. Addie very nearly took a swim. And then she nearly pitched Ariel in.
We tried to get a picture of the cute kids in front of the temple.
Instead we just got action shots.
I was sure glad we got to spend some extra time with these wonderful people. Sure love you all.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I had no idea that when I planted these,

I would attract these.

Who would make this.And this.
And then hatch into this.
And this.

And then lay more eggs, starting the whole process again.I just hope my passion flower vine survives the generations of gulf fritillary butterflies. I am happy to keep feeding such beautiful visitors.