Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christmas Morning

Apparently, the second he heard the babies start to make noise Christmas morning, my dad giddily hopped out of bed and exclaimed, "The kids are up!" and started turning on all the lights. My girls were certainly excited to run upstairs and see if Santa had come.
Look, he ate the cookies and carrots!
And then they all dug into their stockings. Hooray! Unopened fruit snacks!
Hooray! Socks!
Oh my goodness. I am mesmerized by my toothbrush!
Look at the face of Christmas wonder.
Here's Chloe assisting the gift opening with her gameshow hostess hand.
Addie's first tennis racket. And Chloe's much wished for tap shoes. She also got a new toy computer, which when you open, invites you to "Choose a category." So Addie kept repeating, "A category. A category!"
But Dad, I need to eat the wrapping paper! Maggie, I said no!
Surprise Keane cd for Bracken.
But not nearly as exciting as the box of diapers my dad got. Okay, it wasn't really a box of diapers. He's not that old. Yet.

Sweet Emma opening the elephant I made her.
Maggie diving into her big gift.
Emma in the midst of Christmas chaos.

Me and Maggie.

Chloe and Addie and Daddy and Addie's new book. The book is called, "Big Frog Can't Fit In." In one part, she wishes to be more bendable. Addie kept chirping, "More bendable, more bendable!"
It was a fun Christmas morning.

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