Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Birdfeeder Fail--

We made bird feeders the other day--the kind where you frost pinecones with peanut butter, then roll them in birdseed. We made six and hung them on various trees around the yard. We watched out the kitchen window and saw an intrepid squirrel snacking on one of our treats.
Cute, hungry squirrel. Not so cute a few hours later when we strolled around our yard to find the dang squirrels had stolen every last pinecone, including this one. There are now 6 sadly waving strings around the yard. Which are getting shorter by the day because apparently the squirrels are still eating the yarn.

Butter fail--

Why? Why? Why mashed into my rug? Why? At her age I was known to eat a whole stick of butter, but waste it in the carpet? Never.

Cereal fail or Slushy fail, I'm not sure which--

It's the first time she's filled her slushy cup with infant cereal, the second time she's emptied a box of infant cereal into her cup/bowl.

Tang fail--

After filling her cup with the powder and licking out the scoop, she attempted to drink it straight up.

Fork fail--

And who is the she I'm referring to? Why the child combing her hair with the dinglehopper of course.
I guess I should also include an observant/involved parenting fail here as well.


Trent and Amber said...

I love it! Nothing makes me laugh like Addie's antics! :)

Sandy said...

OH, this post was awesome - I'm laughing out loud and my kids think I'm crazy :)

Holly and Ryan said...

What a cute, Ariel, she pretended to be. Love that the fork is actually in her hair for the picture. Funny post.