Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

On December 5, I turned 33. Some wonderful, long time friends came up from LA to visit and celebrate my birthday weekend with me.

Here's one.

Here's the other.

Once upon a time, like about 12 years ago, we all used to look like this.

And kind of like this, but not really since I'm wearing a wig.

And once they even came to my mission farewell.

And this time, they came to my daughter's first Nutcracker performance.
And came with this crazy kid . . .
And this one . . .
And me to the Cosmopolitan Cafe for my birthday lunch.
Oh, and this handsome guy came, too, along with that round headed baby.
And this one gave my daughter her coat and held her hand as we walked.
I sure am lucky to have this bunch in my life.
Melissa and Jennifer--thanks so much for coming to visit, and helping me plant bulbs and eat yummy junk. I'm so grateful for your friendship, and the fun visits we have every so often. In case you didn't know, I love you.


gramma/mom said...

Happy late Birthday! My memory of your birthdays always includes the "batmitsva"! :) And what a great family photo!! You have a beautiful family! love, sheryl d from SLO-town :)

Wilkins Clan said...

I love your new family picture! Kirk was really suprised how much your family has grown. Hey how is your wrist? Are they finally better? I hope so. We love you guys and miss you! Happy really really late birthday!!

Missy said...

How fabulous! I'm so glad you had fun together.

Ruth M said...

Thanks, Sheryl. I always remember that birthday fondly, and the wonderfully ugly cake you made me per my request. Thanks so much for obliging a somewhat obnoxious, confused teenager.

gramma/mom said...

Obnoxious--never! Confused--that comes with the territory of being a teen, and your "territory" had some extra added attractions to aid the confusion! Thanks for letting me peek in on your wonderful family every now and again--you ARE fabulous! :)

Melissa said...


So fun! I had such a great time and those pictures are awesome! The times we've had. Bless you and your blog.