Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gingerbread House Men

Sarah volunteered to make gingerbread men (or gingerbreadhousemen as Chloe likes to call them) for all the cousins to decorate. Chloe was all over it, wearing an apron from my grandparent's 50th anniversary party when I was 9 or so. Addie was all over the dough.

Love those sweet pigtails.
And I love this shot because when she throws her head back like that it means she's just hit the money note while singing.

And then there's Maggie.

I don't know why my sister doesn't look more excited about the dozen munchkins destroying her kitchen.Chloe took a break from cookie decorating to go play dogs with Owen.

More doggies under the table.

And a Maggie, wishing she could be down there with the other doggies.
Chloe was soon back at work. She was a machine, decorating long after the other kids had abandoned the project. Several adults were complementing her work when we noticed Brigham getting sad. Cute boy was upset that no one was complimenting his cookies, which were also very impressive.
Hmm, which one shall I eat next? Turns out that even though Chloe frosted at least half a dozen cookies to Addie's one, once we got back to Grandpa's house, Chloe chose to eat Addie's cookie. Stinker. Good think Addie couldn't care less.

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Ashley said...

Wonderful pictures, looks like the work of your sister in-law. Sure great coloring and shots of things like their hands. They're great.