Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hazy Shade of Winter

Around 4 in the morning on 7 December, I looked outside. We'd been promised snow in the weather forecast, but all I saw was rain. When we got up for real that morning and looked outside, the snow had arrived.

We dug out all the winter stuff and bundled the girls up.
They ran right outside and started to frolic in the inch of frozen precipitation.
And then they returned to the cover of the porch and warmth of the house, almost immediately. We did make the tiny snowman on the picnic table first, though. And were able to determine that we had enough winter gear to survive our upcoming visit to Utah.
And here's Miss Maggie. All three of my girls have worn this little star suit, but it's most appropriate on this one. Know why?
Here's why.
Cute baby Maggies.

As exciting as the snow was, it marked the beginning of a really cold snap for the Sacramento area. Let us now have a moment of silence for most of my succulents, my avocado tree, most of the branches of the citrus trees, and the remaining chrysalises on the skeleton of my passion flower vine. Thank you.

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