Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Littlest Nutcracker

On December 4, Chloe performed in her very first dance recital. Her class was in the Chinese Tea segment of The Nutcracker. Chloe was very excited the day of her performance. She got her face done by a makeup artist.

She got to wear a special costume--she really was excited about it.
Me and my big girl.

Chloe and her teacher, Miss Joann.
Chloe with the rest of her class--Christina, Sophia, and Alicia. Her other friend, Gabi, was in a different performace.
I missed most of the performance because I foolishly thought that Maggie would fall asleep on the way to the performance and stay asleep throughout. How wrong I was. I spent the whole show outside trying to get her to calm down. A sweet stagehand saw me outside bouncing her and offered to hold Maggie when Chloe came onstage. I ran in, and saw my little girl leap onto the stage for the first time. I've never had tears come to my eyes so quickly before. Oh, I was so proud of her. Here are the girls on stage.
Following their teacher.
After the performance, we gave Chloe her very first flowers and a little Nutcracker toy.
Her Grandma and Grandpa Mannion were able to come to the performance, as well as her Aunt Eden and Cousin Syrus, who also gave her a flower.
Our little family.
With our friends Melissa and Jennifer.
Maggie, of course, gave no evidence of her previous bad behavior as soon as others were around.


Ashley said...

Oh, Chloe looked so beautiful! I loved seeing her on stage. Hope you guys had a Happy New Years!


Sandy said...

How fun! Chloe looks lovely - and so put together. I would have never guessed it was her first time on stage :)

Wilkins Clan said...

Chloe looks so beautiful! We just signed Myla up for ballet also so seeing Chloe made me really excitted!

Missy said...

She is so so so beautiful in her costume! Holy smokes, she is really grown up. Great job, Little Miss!