Thursday, January 21, 2010


Bracken prepares to launch Chloe down the hill.She loved it.

And here we're missing a shot because I was laughing so hard. Chloe flew down the hill and straight into this little play structure that Addie was standing on. Addie balanced for a moment, then tumbled off onto Chloe. Chloe ran straight back up the hill to sled again, and Bracken ran to comfort Addie. And I kept laughing so hard I forgot I was holding the camera.
Then I took a turn sledding.
Here we go!
And here we stop before we hit the shed.
Aunt Kiki and the snowballer.
And then there was this.
Sitting there, not moving at all. Was she frozen in place?
No, but she was almost asleep.
And cuter than cute.
Love that little snotface.

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