Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christmas Eve

We spent the rest of Christmas Eve with family. Addie thoroughly enjoyed the truffles Aunt Anna made. Then the kids had a jam session with Grandpa in the basement. He played guitar and sang while accompanied by Chloe, Addie and Izzie on drums.

Bracken and Kiki were the audience.
Then we went upstairs and the kids opened their gifts from Grandpa and Nana. Every year they get special books from them.

Nana, Jude, Dan and Katie. And Lovely Anna, my sincere apologies, I seem to not have any pictures with you in them. How could this have happened?
Me, Addie, Heather and Chloe.

The kids are excited, but looking tired.
We're still smiling,
but we're starting to feel like this on the inside.

As we were talking about Santa coming that night, Chloe made sure the fireplace wasn't on because she didn't want Santa to come down the chimney and burn and die. To the enjoyment of several of my siblings, Addie spent the rest of the evening yelling, "Burn and die! Burn and die!"

Here's a little video of the kids and Grandpa. Not exciting, but it makes my heart warm.

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